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What is a Parish Register
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Select A Street:
The streets listed here are those listed in the Parish Register. It is possible that a street listed in the past no longer exists or has changed its name. Using old maps from the time of the entry could help build up a better picture of the area where a person lived. It is important to remember that maps are not always accurate and even a map from a specific time may not give you all the information you seek.

Select Status:
This is a list of the role, occupation or status of Black and Asian people where it has been recorded in the Parish Register. A great many people had no specific role, occupation or status given. It is reasonable to assume that these people would have been servants or slaves.

Select A Borough:
The boroughs listed here are the existing modern boroughs of London. It is important to remember that some of the parishes were just small hamlets and villages at the time the records were made. For example, back in the eighteenth century Hackney was a small country retreat.

Select A Place of Origin:
Some Parish Register entries recorded the place of origin of the person being baptised. Some are very general simply giving a country, whilst others state a specific town. For those interested in tracing the journeys of individuals this list is a useful starting point.

Select a Household:
Some Black and Asian people were taken to be baptised by their employers. These householders are sometimes named in the register. Knowing the household to which an individual is attached can give an insight into their experiences.

Select A Date:
Choose a date band to find all entries for a particular period.

What Is A Parish Register?

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