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If you have been inspired by any of the jobs that people do at London Metropolitan Archives, the following pages offer some further advice about careers in archives.

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They are intended to get you started. It is important to remember that:

Although information is accurate at the time of writing, things change. You should always check information to make sure you have the right answers.

Always seek advice from your careers office who will have up to date information.

Not all archives are the same. This site is dedicated to London Metropolitan Archives. Other archives may have different needs and requirements - so check!

The qualifications listed for jobs and courses may differ from archive to archive or university to university. Make sure you get information from the specific place concerned.

Other Things You Can Do:

You can find out more about working in archives by:

Visiting archives and talking to staff about their work.

Using archives for your own research. This will give you a strong sense of what it is like to work in an archive.

Volunteering. Not all archives can take volunteers but it would be worth exploring this possibility before committing to a career route.