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What is a person who works in an archive really like? Would you fit in to an archive environment?
Work your way through the quiz below and then look up the comments on your fantasy personality choices!
It could help you decide whether or not archives are for you.

Question 1: Fantasy Fiction

If you could choose what type of fantasy fiction character would you be?


Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, (or any of her gang) sorting out the hellmouth?


Superman or Wonder Woman, able to change costume in seconds and always ready to whisk the world out of danger?


Gandalf or Galadriel the Elf-Queen from Lord of the Rings, communicators and oracles of information?


Captain Kirk, Scotty or Uhura from Star Trek, knowing exactly how to roll with the blows, ready with an answer and never failing to switch it all back on again?


Darth Vader, isolated and gloomy with a bit of an image problem?