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Look At London

Look at London encourages the use of pictures as valuable historical documents. The purpose is not to recreate or 'tell' all London's history but to provide themed galleries which will inspire further activity. We all use old family photos to help us remember holidays, parties, people - the images on Look at London are part of the memories of London itself.

Taking a Good Look

The images can be explored as a series or as individual images. Developing skills in observation will be useful when visiting other image-based web sites, galleries or using illustrated books. Thinking about why an image was created, what it is intended to show, and how this could be used are all important analytical skills for images as much as any kind of historical evidence.

Getting Out and About

Look at London wants you to do just that - switch off your PC and go look! The best way of exploring London's visible past - and present - is to see it for yourself. This website encourages all its users to get out and about around this great city.

More to See

Look at London currently looks at five boroughs - there are plenty more to come! Over time more galleries will be added along with items connected to other boroughs.

Looking at Other People's Pictures