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About This Site

Archive Work sets out to show the range of jobs and careers essential to the running of an archive. It sets out to break with the stereotypical view of archives and archivists as dusty, stuffy, silent and only earnest about obscure points of detail. Archives may store old documents but they are also contemporary institutions, managing and supporting the records of government and business on a day to day basis.

Archives serve the individual needs of users who might be family historians, or people engaged in dealing with their personal circumstances through adoption records, or seeking legal evidence or planning permission for their property. The breadth of information held in archives and the range of people from all walks of life that use them makes archive work rich, demanding, fascinating and varied.

This site will draw attention to the skills needed in running an archive and encourage people to think about a job in the sector, from buildings management to dealing with users in the public rooms; from caring for collections to developing IT systems.