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Alison: Information Officer, Reader Services, Social Worker Liaison


Information Officer, Public Services, Social Worker Liaison

'I am involved in sending out microfilms of files or arrange for social workers to read the files here. I liase with the social worker and aim to put a human side to documents which at first appear cold and austere pieces of paper.'

Understanding, Caring, Communicator, Discreet, Sensitive

Alison has a special responsibility towards the Adoption and In Care files, formerly held in the Children's Department of the London County Council (LCC) and the Middlesex County Council (MCC). These files were handed over to London Metropolitan Archives when the LCC and the MCC were abolished and the upkeep of files relating to adoption and care became the responsibility of local authorities. People who have been in care and or adopted can arrange, through their social workers, to see their records. Supporting and caring for people in this situation is a very important part of work in archives.

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