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Marguerite: Volunteer

Sarah, Janice and Marguerite


'London Metropolitan Archives is a non-profit making organisation and by offering my services for free, I'm ensuring that the archive keeps open on Saturday'

Research, Attentive, Indexing, Helpful, Patient, Accurate

Volunteers are experienced genealogists who help family historians find their way through the large collections at London Metropolitan Archives. These major sources have been put under the title London Generations. When not helping people in the public rooms the volunteers work on their special research, 'The Consistory Court of London Wills Indexing Project'. The project should finish by the end of 2004 and should produce a detailed index to wills registers for 1751-1858 (52 volumes). The index will provide a vital resource for researchers in the future.

During the week, Sarah is a Sales Administrator in the Defence Industry while Janice works full-time as a VAT Officer for Customs and Excise. Marguerite is a full-time teacher. All three have been volunteering at London Metropolitan Archives for two years.

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