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Allan: Senior Technical Officer


Senior Technical Officer

'People contact us all the time to carry out small maintenance jobs such as replacing and adjusting lights, putting up notice boards, etc. So, I like to think that I am not only helping people but making the work environment a safer place for employees.'

Practical, Observant, Technical, Engineering, Organised, Thorough

The London Metropolitan Archives building is large and complex to manage. The job requires a wide range of knowledge and skill. Allan has been working at the LMA for over eight years, making sure the building is well managed and working properly.

One of his main roles is to make sure the environmental conditions of the building are suitable for the archives. Temperature and humidity levels have to be right so the documents are not damaged.

The building also has to be safe and comfortable for staff and the visiting public. This involves management of contract cleaners, in-house security guards, on-site contractors, and the issuing of security tags for staff and contractors.

Risk Assessments (assessing the health and safety hazards of each job) are also very important. Allan has a lot of knowledge in this field and sits on the Corporation of London's Health and Safety Committee.

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