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The Interpretation Section

Meera, Liz, Stephanie and Jason

The Interpretation Section

'I've always been fascinated by history and the past, and to find a job in which one is not only always learning, but also actively involved in imparting information to others is brilliant. I was also attracted to the range of work an information officer can do, and especially perhaps by how we work closely with both historical objects and with a wide range of people.'

Flexible, People, Communication, Sense of Fun, Creative, Team Spirit

London Metropolitan Archives and the Corporation of London Record Office are unusual in the world of archives in that they have a dedicated education and learning section called Interpretation. The Interpretation Section puts together learning programmes for school children and adults, creates displays and publicity materials, runs special events and develops on-line learning experiences. This work demands a wide range of skills and flexibility. Some team members have had experience as teachers, tour guides and web writers. For others working in Interpretation is their first post.

What they all share is excitement for the archives and a desire to help others use the collections to the fullest extent.

The core team is made up of Information Officers with special involvement in interpretation and learning. Jason, Stephanie, Meera and Liz describe how they came to the archives and got involved.

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