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Glossary of terms

What's the difference between restoration, preservation and conservation? Why does the word 'cataloguing' mean different things to different people? The staff at the LMA will tell you all about the words and phrases they encounter on a daily basis.


Annual leave

Set amount of holidays you are entitled to, not counting bank holidays - new staff get 23 days off per year, but after 5 years you get 28 days!


Official inspection of business accounts conducted by an independent qualified accountant.


A supplier to whom we owe money.


Customer who owes us money.


Electronically stamping envelopes instead of using postage stamps.


Short overview given by all sections in the archive for new staff.


Database of all items in the building (furniture and equipment) showing purchase date and cost.

Job Description

Lists the duties of the job and the skills you need to do them.

Lever Arch File

An A4 folder to keep office papers filed in date or number order - a lever opens the rings.

Personnel or Human Resources

The department which deals with the staff working in the archive.


Stock of office consumerables, eg. paper, envelopes, pens.


Overview of the service standards provided on a regular basis. e.g. how many visitors did the archive have in January 2003?