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Glossary of terms

What's the difference between restoration, preservation and conservation? Why does the word 'cataloguing' mean different things to different people? The staff at the LMA will tell you all about the words and phrases they encounter on a daily basis.


Access points

Information that allows someone to search for a book using the name of person who wrote the book (author), or the name of the book (title).

Descriptive Cataloguing (Libraries)

This describes items and allocates access points other than the subject, such as author headings (alphabetically arranged names of people who write books held in a library) which allow users to find items in the Library catalogue.

Subject Cataloguing (Libraries)

This classifies items by subject allowing collection(s) to be arranged in subject order. Classification systems may be alphabetical or numerical and are often prescribed schemes such as The Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme used in most public libraries.