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City Communities
Here are just some of the many websites you might want to visit to find out more.
Collage database an image database containing over 20,000 works of art from the collections of the City of London Libraries and Guildhall Art Gallery
Centre for Metropolitan Studies, including their London bibliography website "London's Past Online"
London Film Archive

Indentured Servants

Here are a few of the many websites with information about life in early colonial Virginia:

Contact and Colonization, AD. 1500 to 1775: a very useful ecological history of the Chesapeake Bay area during these years (pdf file)
Historical Maps of Virginia
Colonial Jamestown

Jamestown Historic Briefs: excellent site on Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America

Jamestown Rediscovery: fascinating site reporting the finds of the archaeological investigations into seventeenth-century Jamestown
Virtual Jamestown: pictures, maps, documents
African people in early Virginia

The Terrible Transformation: the history of African people in early Virginia and the development of the slavery laws

Native Americans
Water colours by John White and engravings by Theodore De Bry: early pictures of Virginia Indians on the Virtual Jamestown site
Native Tech: on the technology and decorative arts of the Native American peoples of the Eastern Woodlands; includes some instructions on how to make things
American Indian History and Related Issues: a rich collection of pages with many images and a comprehensive set of links
Dick Whittington
Port Cities: a brief biography of Whittington with rich information on the trading world he knew.
Museum of London: a rich source of information on Whittington and the myth that grew up around him to become the pantomime that everyone knows today. Includes more links to other Dick Whittington related sites.
City of London: Information on the Office of the Lord Mayor
BBC: Local Legends series, dissecting the fact from the fiction. Includes more links.
Mercers' Company: Whittington was a member of this Livery Company. This site provides a wealth of information on the company and its history

Seven Years War and Sailors Lives

BBC: a useful overview with information and links to contemporary events and world politics of the era.
Royal Navy: Information about the battle of Quiberon Bay - the most decisive naval encounter of the war.
Construction of the HMS Victory was begun in 1759 in the heart of the Seven Years war. Although the famous ship was not launched until after the war, this website does offer a great insight into the working conditions and everyday lives of the sailors who manned the Georgian Navy.
The National Maritime Museum offers a wealth of information, images and resources about naval history. This site also offers lots of links to more sites.

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