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Huguenots at Home, 1695 and 1697  
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At the end of the seventeenth century the families of Nicholas Bazire, Pierre de la Fons and De la Motte Mirasol, three Huguenots, were living and working in London. They left behind wills and probate or property lists which give us a very clear idea of what their homes were like. You can explore the homes of Nicholas, Pierre and De la Motte Mirasol by clicking on their names below.

Author: Gillian Spraggs
St. James's Square, c.1790.

What was it like, living in a Huguenot household in late seventeenth century London? Let's go on a tour of some Huguenot homes.

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In the following sections, click on thumbnail images and get a better view of seventeenth century homes.

Which of these households would you like to visit first?

Nicolas Bazire a cordwainer (shoemaker), and his wife Marguerite
Pierre de la Fons a milliner, and his wife Madeleine
De la Motte Mirasol a periwig-maker

How do we know so much about these people? By studying and interpreting documents that have survived for centuries and are now in the archives

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