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1593 - The government orders a detailed census of foreign immigrants
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The new survey covers the London metropolis: the City of London, the Borough of Southwark, the City of Westminster and the suburbs. The suburbs were the built-up areas of Middlesex and Surrey surrounding the two cities.

It finds that the Dutch Church has 1,376 members, the French Church 1,344. There are also a few Italian Protestants.

The census gives information about trades and professions. By far the largest group of foreigners work in the cloth-making and clothing industries. Many are practising trades and techniques that until they came here were not known in England, or were not being practised on a commercial scale. These include the making of crystal glass, tapestry-weaving, silk-twisting (making silk thread to be woven into cloth) and silk-weaving.

Many are employing English apprentices and workers. This is a matter of importance to the government because it means that the skills that these immigrants have brought to England are being taught to people outside their own community. 

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