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1550 - King Edward the Sixth permits the founding of separate Dutch and French Protestant churches in London
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This is so that Protestant refugees from the Continent can worship in their own language using their own forms of service. The Protestants believe that it is important that ordinary Christians should be able to worship God and pray to him in a language they understand. (At this date Roman Catholic church services are held in Latin.)

Two old church buildings are made available to the refugee communities. The Church of the Austin Friars in Broad Street ward becomes the place where the Dutch- and Flemish-speaking Protestants from the Netherlands hold their services. It is renamed the Temple of Jesus. It is also often known as the Dutch Church. The chapel of St Anthony's Hospital in Threadneedle Street is given to the Protestants from France and the French-speaking parts of the Netherlands. From now on it is often called the French Church. On one Sunday a month the two congregations exchange buildings.

The French and Dutch Churches of London are Calvinist. In their beliefs and practices they follow the teachings of the French Protestant theologian Jean Calvin. 

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