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1741 - David Garrick begins his career as an actor
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Before Garrick's time, actors delivered their lines in a very exaggerated, 'stagey' way. When Garrick first appears on stage, he takes the London audiences by surprise. They find that his performances are convincingly natural; he copies the way people really behave.

Garrick's career takes off at once. He will become immensely successful, a celebrity of his time. In 1747 he will join the management of the famous Drury Lane theatre. Here for thirty years he will be the manager and star actor.

Garrick's natural-seeming style of acting will set a new standard for the English theatre. The respect people have for his intelligence and his outstanding gifts as an actor will improve the image of the acting profession. From now on, people will start to think of actors as serious artists, not just entertainers. 

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