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1736 - Peter Prelleur becomes organist of Christ Church
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Prelleur began his career as a writing master (teacher of handwriting). In his spare time he played the harpsichord at the Angel and Crown in Spitalfields, which holds regular musical evenings.

In 1731 he published The Modern Musick-Master; or the Universal Musician. This is an instruction manual for would-be musicians: a beginner's guide to singing and playing musical instruments.

The organ at Christ Church is huge, with more than two thousand pipes. It has been built by Richard Bridge, a master of his craft. Prelleur has been appointed to a major position.

However, he does not abandon his involvement in popular music-making. He still finds time to play the harpsichord at the Angel and Crown. He also plays at the local theatre in Goodman's Fields. He is the theatre's musical director and writes many pieces of music for performance during the plays 

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