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1781 - A minister in one of the French churches deplores the assimilation of the Huguenot communities
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The Rev. Jacob Bourdillon has served as the minister of the Artillery Church in Spitalfields for fifty years. He preaches a sermon to mark the occasion.

He says that the descendants of the refugees seem ashamed of their ancestors. They do not share their deep religious convictions. They do not even speak French. Fifty years ago, there were twenty Huguenot churches in London. Now there are only eleven, and several of those are not likely to last much longer.

Bourdillon is right that more Huguenot churches are going to close. By 1800 there will only be eight.

Many Huguenots in London are now members of the Church of England. In Spitalfields they worship at Christ Church, their local parish church. 

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