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1682 - A new settlement of Huguenots is forming in Soho
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This will become one of the largest of the Huguenot communities, though never so large as the one that is developing in Spitalfields, east of the city. In these recently built-up areas on the outskirts of London, food and housing are cheaper. The City of London authorities and the craft guilds have less power to regulate craftsmen.

The Houses of Parliament, the principal law courts and the royal palace of Whitehall are all located just south of Soho in the ancient City of Westminster. Wealthy people come from all over the country to attend Parliament or the royal court or conduct legal business.

Many of the immigrants who settle in Soho and the surrounding districts provide goods and services to these visitors. They make boots and shoes, wigs or clothes. Some make fans for fashionable ladies. Some are hairdressers or perfumiers. Others are jewellers or goldsmiths, or they make clocks or guns. Some of the exiled French gentry also live here, close to their friends at the royal court.

As late as the middle of the eighteenth century, it will still be common to hear French spoken on the streets of Soho. English people who wish to learn French will visit the district to practise their French conversation. 

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