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1573 - Holyband publishes his first French textbook
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A book called The French Schoolmaster is published. It is the first proper textbook in English for people who are learning the French language. It will be a standard teaching text for nearly a hundred years.

The author is Claude Holyband, a schoolmaster teaching in Lewisham. He is a refugee from Moulins in the Bourbonnais region of France, who came to England in 1566. Like many Huguenots, he has changed his name. His French surname is 'De Sainliens'. 'Holyband' is a translation of this.

Holyband will soon move to London, to a new school in St Paul's Churchyard. In 1576, he will publish another very successful textbook, The French Littleton. This book will be printed and published by the Huguenot printer Thomas Vautrollier. 

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