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1689 - Religious tolerance is granted to Nonconformists
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Nonconformist Protestants are now allowed to worship publicly without fear of persecution from the government. This is important to the French refugees. These are people who have uprooted themselves from their own country in order to be able to continue to worship in the way they believe is right.

Some Huguenot churches are Conformist: they use a French form of the Anglican prayer book and acknowledge the authority of the Church of England. Others are Nonconformist: they hold fast to their Calvinist and presbyterian traditions.

By 1700 there are nine churches serving the large Huguenot settlement in Spitalfields. All are Nonconformist. On the other side of London, the Savoy church has been joined by thirteen others scattered around Westminster and Soho. Six of these are Conformist churches like the Savoy. The rest are Nonconformist. 

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