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1605 - The Irish are specially associated with certain sorts of work
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The jokes about Irish chimney-sweeps are still being made. Now there is a new joke to the effect that all the costermongers are Irish. Costermongers sell fruit out of large baskets which they carry on their heads. The Irish street-trader will continue to be a familiar sight in London for several centuries to come.

It has become fashionable among the nobility and gentry to have an Irish footman. These men do not dress like other servants. They wear the traditional dress of the 'wild Irish': tight trousers and a mantle (large cloak). Their long shaggy hair hangs over their eyes and they carry a 'dart', or spear. Their masters send these men out with messages or letters. Sometimes they are sent on long journeys. They are expected to do all their errands at a fast run.

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