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1606 - The English government continues to be concerned about the numbers of Irish beggars on the London streets
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These are not professional beggars or tough tramps. Most of them are peasant farmers who have their wives and children with them.

To understand why they have come, we only have to remember the devastation caused by the English armies in Ireland, just a few years earlier. These people are in England because after years of war their farms have been totally destroyed. They have nothing to live on.

The English government is not interested in this. They blame the authorities in the Irish ports for allowing these poor people to board ships for England. The owners of the ships that bring them over are also blamed. The government orders the Lord Deputy in Ireland to punish these offenders severely.

The government complains that the sight of these people begging in the streets disgraces England in front of foreign visitors. They also complain that the refugees are 'a great eyesore' to the people of England.

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