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1698 - The Irish playwright George Farquhar has a modest success with his first play
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Farquhar comes from a Scots Protestant family settled in Ireland. His play Love and a Bottle is performed at Drury Lane Theatre.

The hero, Roebuck, is a young Protestant Irish gentleman newly come to London. Farquhar hints in the play that his hero is a portrait of himself. In one scene, Roebuck introduces himself to a fashionable lady. When he tells her that he is an Irishman, she sneers at him for it.

Farquhar's play is a comedy. He is having a laugh at himself, but even more, he is having a laugh at the hidebound and snobbish English people he has met since he came to London. So far as the English are concerned, everyone who comes from Ireland is a barbarian, and this is true even if their parents or grandparents went there from Britain.

Two of Farquhar's later plays, The Recruiting Officer and The Beaux' Stratagem, will continue to be performed up until the present day.

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