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1630 - An Irish sea captain explains his reasons for bringing illegal immigrants to England
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Maurice Keysons is the master of the Peter, a small ship sailing out of the port of Dungarvon in Munster. He is caught landing Irish immigrants on a beach in Somerset. He can carry about 75 passengers in a trip and charges each of them four shillings. He has been doing this for two years.

One of his passengers, a tailor from County Clare, says that he has sold everything he has to buy transport to England for himself and his wife and children. He hopes that he and his family will be able to survive by begging.

The ship's captain, Keysons, is reported as saying that he would continue to bring Irishmen into England as long as there were Englishmen in Ireland. If the English would leave Ireland, then the Irish would have no need to come to England.

Keysons is only one of a number of Irish sea captains ferrying poor immigrants to England and Wales.

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