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1605 - Cheap, newly-built housing in Stepney provides homes for a number of Irish families
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The housing has been shoddily built, put up without planning permission at the end of a street which not long before was a country lane. It is tenement housing: built for multiple occupancy. A number of separate households live in each building. Rents will be low; this is housing for the very poor.

About 80 Irish families live here. Londoners have begun to call the place 'Knockfergus'. This is an old name for Carrickfergus in Ulster. It seems likely that Ulster is where these families have come from. Probably they have been driven out by the fighting there.

Knockfergus is not far from the Tower of London, at the end of a street called Hog Lane. Hog Lane itself continues on from another street called Rosemary Lane.

There will be a large Irish community living in this district for centuries to come. In Victorian times, long after Knockfergus has been swept away and its name is gone from the maps, it will still be common to hear Irish spoken in and around Rosemary Lane.

Tradesmen of London
This is a section of a map of London published in 1747. Knockfergus and Rosemary Lane are clearly marked. Hog Lane has become Cable Street.

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