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1562 - Shane O'Neill brings his bodyguard to the court of Queen Elizabeth
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Shane O'Neill, an Irish nobleman who has rebelled against Queen Elizabeth, comes to court to submit to her authority. He brings with him a bodyguard of Irish fighting men. Each of these men wears a big shaggy cloak over a short jacket and a yellow shirt with wide sleeves. Their hair hangs down in curls and they go about armed with battle axes.

This is just their traditional dress, but in England it makes them stand out. Many years later the historian William Camden, who may have seen these visitors when he was a London schoolboy, will write about how the English followed them about, staring. He will draw a comparison between the way people stared at these Irishmen with the way people at the time he is writing stare in astonishment at visiting Native Americans.

The Elizabethans often refer to the traditional Irish as the 'wild Irish'. Because they dress differently and have different customs, both the traditional Irish and the Native Americans are considered to be uncivilised. The project to colonise Virginia and the project to colonise Ireland are often compared with each other, or mentioned at the same time.

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