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1775 - St Patrick's Day by Richard Brinsley Sheridan is performed in London
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Sheridan is the son of Thomas Sheridan, an Irish actor-manager. He has already had a success at Covent Garden with his comedy The Rivals.

The Rivals will continue to be performed up until the present day, and so will one of Sheridan's other comedies, The School for Scandal.

St Patrick's Day, or the Scheming Lieutenant is not nearly such a good play as either of these. However, it paints a lively picture of the soldiers of an Irish regiment in England celebrating St Patrick's Day in the traditional way.

They wear shamrocks in their hats. When their lieutenant gives them money, telling them not to spend it on drink, they protest, 'We must drink St Patrick's and your honour's health'. They exit, shouting, 'St Patrick, his honour, and strong beer for ever!' Then they hold a St Patrick's Day parade.

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