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City Communities Bibliography
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Richard Whittington


Barron, Caroline M., ed. A. E. J. Hollaender and William Kellaway

‘Richard Whittington: the Man Behind the Myth’ in Studies in London History presented to Philip Edmund Jones

London (Hodder and Stoughton) 1969

Jones, P. E.,

‘Whittington’s Longhouse’

London Topographical Record, vol. 23 (1972)

Unwin, George,

intr. William F. Kahl

The Gilds and Companies of London

4th edition, London (Frank Cass) 1963; first published in 1908

Watney, Sir John

An Account of the Mistery of Mercers of the City of London otherwise the Mercers’ Company

London, (Blades, East and Blades) 1914

Indentured servants


Peter Wilson Coldham

The Complete Book of Emigrants 1661-1699

Maryland (Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc) 1990


Peter Wilson Coldham

The Complete Book of Emigrants 1700-1750

Maryland (Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc) 1992



Mary C.Borer

The City of London

(London: Constable Ltd, 1977).

David Crawford

City of London: Its architectural heritage

(Cambridge: Woodhead and Faulkner Ltd, 1976).

J.K Fisher

City of London: Past and Present

(Oxford: Oxford Illustrated Press, 1976).

Stephen Inwood

A History of London

(Macmillan, 1998)

Alan Jenkins

The City: London’s Square Mile

(London: Rainbird Publishing, 1988).

David Kynaston

The City of London: Volume 1: a world of its own, 1815-1890

(London: Randon House, 1994).

BB Orridge

Citizens of London and their Rulers 1060-1867

(London: William Tegg, 1867)

Roy Porter

London A Social History

(Penguin Books, 1996)

Henry Thomas Riley

Memorials of London and London Life in the XIIIth, XIVth and XVth Centuries, being a series of extracts, local, social and political from the early archives of the City of London 1276-1419

(Longmans, 1868)

Reginald R Sharpe

London and the Kingdom

(3 vols, London: Longmans, 1894)

Francis Sheppard

London A History

(Oxford University Press, 1998)

Richard Tames

City of London Past

(Historical Publications).



Andrew Lambert

War at Sea in the Age of Sail

Orion Publishing Co (2003)

Daniel Marston

The Seven Years' War(Essential Histories 6)

Osprey Publishing (2003)


The Wooden World; An anatomy of the Georgian Navy

(2nd ed), 1988.

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