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Irish Communities Bibliography
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LMA Reference Number
Benjamin, Harrington
London Irish: a Study in Political Activism, 1870-1910.
University Micro-films, Intern., 1984
10.01 BEN
Bennett, Christopher
Housing of the Irish in London: Literature Review.
PNL Press, 1995 20.163 BEN
Curtis, Liz
Nothing But The Same Old Story: The Roots of Anti-Irish Racism.
Sasta, 1996.
20.16 CUR
Farrell, Jerome
"The Irish in Hammersmith and Fulham in 1851" pp 66-75.
Local historian, vol. 29 (2), May 1999.
60.0 BRI
Fowler, Simon
Tracing Irish Ancestors.
PRO, 2001.
61.2 FOW
Hutton, Sean
"The Irish in London" in Merriman, Nick (editor), pp. 118 - 128 pp.
20.16 MER
Kells, Mary
Ethnic Identity Amongst Young Irish Middle Class Migrants in London.
Univ. of North London, 1995.
20.176 KEL
Quinlivan, Patrick
Fenians in England, 1865-1872
John Calder, 1982.
10.79 QUI
Rossiter, Ann
"In search of Mary's Past: Placing Nineteenth Century Irish Immigrant Women in British Feminist History" in Grant, Joan (editor), 1996. 1-29 pp.
  20.16 GRA
Swift, Roger and Gilley, Sheridan (editors) Irish in Victorian Britain: the Local Dimension.
Four Courts Press, 1999.
20.176 SWI
Turton, Jacqueline
"Mayhew's Irish: the Irish Poor in Mid Nineteenth-Century London” in Swift, Roger and Gilley, Sheridan (editors), 1999. 122-155 pp.
  20.176 SWI
Walter, Bronwen
'Shamrocks Growing Out of Their Mouths': Language and the Racialisation of the Irish in Britain" in Kershen, A. (editor),
Ashgate, 2000. 57-73 pp.
20.163 KER
Whooley, Finbarr
Irish Londoners: Photographs From the Paddy Fahey Collection.
Sutton, 1997 20.176 WHO

Historical Background




Bennett, Martyn,

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London Routledge) 2000,

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(Kegan Paul) 1925 [several reprints],

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Cambridge (Cambridge University Press) 1995

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The Fermanagh Story. A Documented History of County Fermanagh from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, Chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Enniskillen (Cumann Seanchais Chlochair) 1969,

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‘Wilkes and Liberty, 1768-9’ in Paris and London in the Eighteenth Century. Studies in Popular Protest,

London (Collins) 1970 [first published 1952]

Rudé, George,

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Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1962

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Outlaws and Highwaymen. The Cult of the Robber in England from the Middle Ages to the Nineteenth Century

London, Pimlico, 2001

Wheeler, Scott

‘Four armies in Ireland’ in Ireland From Independence to Occupation 1641-1660, ed. Jane H. Ohlmeyer,

Cambridge (Cambridge University Press) 1995

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